Project Manager Profile: Brittany Patterson

Name: Brittany Patterson

Title: Project Manager

Favorite Aspect of Project Management: Project management can be challenging; it is more challenging than one may think, but that is what makes it a great career path. The variety of the projects and the people day to day keeps the job so refreshing. 

What led you to project management? My original career path was mechanical engineering until project management fell into my lap. Project management is a career that has the qualities that applies to my everyday personality. I love the aspect of taking something chaotic & organizing it to get an amazing result. I have always been the type of person to take on that leadership role; I believe in giving 110% to everything you do & always want to make sure those around me are reaching their fullest potential. I am excited for my journey with Visual Terrain to continue to enhance those skills needed to be a successful project manager. 

What/Who Inspires You: My mom is my hero. As I get older, the more I understand my mom & the more I realize she is/was superwoman. My mother is no longer here in the physical, but her legacy & spirit has been my driving force for the past year & moving forward. I know she is proud of me & I want to continue making her proud each day that I am on this earth. 

Fun Fact About Yourself that No One Knows: When I was younger, I used to do background acting. I had the opportunity to be on several shows I loved as a kid & meet some amazing celebs. 

What is your favorite part about being a project manager? Being a project manager in the creative field is a lot fun. The complexity of the projects and the creative minds I get to work with makes it the best field to work in. The variety of the projects also keeps the job interesting.