Designer Profile: Jesse Fryery

Name: Jesse Fryery
Years at VTI: A little over a year and a half.

Favorite Project? I really enjoy all of our Live Nation projects. I have previously worked in the live events / concert side of our industry and have several friends that are touring LDs. The thought of them walking into a venue that we helped create gives me quite a bit of joy. We can support them by providing a solid starting point for their shows. It’s almost like helping without being there!

What is your funniest/most memorable memory at Visual Terrain: I think our trip to IALD Conference last year has been the most memorable and getting to explore Meow Wolf as a group after the conference. Getting to run around and enjoy the environment as a group was a lot of fun. Also, the #REDalert awareness event that we did a few weeks ago. It was great to work together to bring awareness and support to our colleagues that need help right now.

Favorite Aspect of Lighting Design: I like that lighting allows us to play with our perceptions. With light we can alter mood and atmosphere, creating different realities within a space. A carefully placed light or even shadow can change the meaning or intent of an environment or story.

What/Who Inspires You: I’m inspired by pretty much everything. I think everywhere we look, we can find inspiration. That is, if we look close enough. That could be our friends, colleagues, family, environment, surroundings, nature, history, psychology, and even within ourselves. Currently, I’m finding a lot of inspiration from reading the work of Carl Jung, especially his later work.

Fun Fact About Yourself that No One Knows: I’m a host of a miniature war gaming podcast called the Knightscast. We talk about painting, modeling, gaming, and all things that fall in the sphere of nerd-dom.

What is your favorite part about being a lighting designer? I like that we can have a direct impact on someone’s life. By bringing them joy, happiness, entertainment, sometimes even sadness and fear. We can help bring awareness, meaning, and new perspectives to those around us and help start conversations that some may find difficult or haven’t thought of before. We get to paint the world with color. Who wouldn’t love that!