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Visual Terrain, Inc.

Lighting Design for Architecture, Attractions and The Arts

Hours of Operation

8am – 6pm Monday through Thursday
8am – 12 noon Friday


Corporate Office
25213 Avenue Tibbitts, Santa Clarita, CA 91355
phone: 1-661-775-7758
fax: 1-661-775-7708

Chicago Branch
Evergreen Park, Illinois 60805
phone: 1-661-775-7758 ext. 238

Washington DC Branch
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
phone: 1-661-775-7758 ext. 208


To send email to anyone at Visual Terrain, just add to any of the addresses below:

  • Zachary Borovay, Director of Media Design: zacharyb
  • Nicole Eng, Lighting Designer/Production Designer: nicolee
  • Kate Furst, Principal Lighting Designer: katef
  • Lisa Passamonte Green, CEO / Principal-in-Charge: lisapg
  • David Green, COO / President: davidg
  • Jeff De Lamotte, Principal Designer, International Representative: jeffdl
  • Jonathan Lebovic, Senior Lighting Designer: jonathanl
  • Michael Mahlum, Principal Lighting Designer, Director of Design & Production: mikem
  • Rose Malone, Production Specialist/Lighting Designer: rosem
  • Christina J. Martin, Lighting Designer: christinajm
  • Brittany Patterson, Project Manager: brittanyp
  • Steeve Vajk, Production Manager: svajk
  • Steven Young, Principal Lighting Designer, Director of Design: steveny