Strategic Alliances

To guarantee our clients get the design we create specifically for each project, we have developed strategic partnerships with distributors, specialty lighting vendors, and system integrators. These partnerships enable us to eliminate the need for costly value engineering processes, manage the project’s lighting budget from concept to opening day, eliminate the usual negotiations and ensure a smooth installation and integration process.

Our clients aren’t required to use our strategic partners, but by purchasing a package through them, we can guarantee the specified products will be provided at a fair and competitive price. In fact, some of our clients, use our cost quotations to negotiate with their current procurement teams.

Strategic Alliance Services

  • Real cost quotations – not budget estimates at every stage of design
  • Procurement services
  • System integration
  • Zero-cost upgrades for existing lighting, with insurance, warranty and tax rebate assistance
  • Electrical contracting and installation (Los Angeles area only)

Strategic Alliance Philosophy

Our strategic alliances are not bound by exclusive manufacturer relationships and therefore work on the designer and owner’s behalf to get the best pricing possible for the products specified by the design team.

We believe that there is value in working with our strategic partners (Bandit Lites, Mid-West Wholesale Lighting, and GFI Electrical) on the owner’s behalf, to identify cost-saving alternatives whenever possible and frequently aid in identifying better procurement strategies or fixture alternatives with the various lighting manufacturers. Our alliance partners have a completely open book policy.

Our alliance partners work on a set mark-up and sell directly to our clients. This approach will reduce or eliminate the need for Value Engineering or product substitutions on specified products and preserve the design our clients have paid Visual Terrain to create. Additionally, our clients will avoid costly third party mark-ups.

Our clients will save time and money internally as well due to the various lighting teams working together from the very beginning to develop lighting strategies from design through fabrication and procurement. Our companies have a proven track record of working with each other to deliver projects on-time and on budget.

The key to this approach is that the designed budget will be maintained throughout the entire design and procurement process ensuring there are no financial surprises when procurement begins.

Our Alliance Partners

For more information, visit our alliance partners’ websites by clicking below.