Lighting Services

  • Lighting Design
  • Lighting Control System Design
  • Site Lighting & Infrastructure
  • Construction Administration
  • Installation Supervision
  • System Integration
  • Focus & Programming of Lighting
  • Germicidal Lighting Consultation
  • Custom/Themed Fixture Design & Management
  • Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Studies
  • Operations & Maintenance Strategies
  • Owner’s Representative for Lighting Decisions

Through our strategic distribution partners:

  • Procurement Services
  • Cost Quotations
  • System Integration

Methodology & Design Objectives

Every project has a compelling story to tell and unique vision. It is our objective to express that story and image with the lighting. Lighting can enhance the human experience and encourage us to interact with all of the various elements of the story. Lighting can also improve way-finding throughout a facility, celebrate the architectural features of a project, aid in place-making, and make a project’s identity an engaging experience.

Our methodology in designing and offering a solution for supplying the lighting system is structured to ensure the Owner gets the results of the design they purchase.

  • We develop the luminaire specifications and performance criteria with careful consideration of the long-term maintenance concerns, operating costs, sustainability issues, power consumption and ease of replacement.
  • We implement “green” lighting solutions in our design whenever possible, minimizing energy usage, maintenance and the carbon footprint of the lighting over the lifetime of the project.
    We will create a manageable system that will allow the lighting to sustain the same look in the years to come as it does when first realized.
  • We have developed a strategic partnership with Mid-West Wholesale Lighting Corp. (MWL), so the Owner can purchase the fixtures we specified for a fair and competitive price. This eliminates the usual negotiations between lighting representatives in different territories, and reduces the likelihood that the local distributors will try to package the project and supply products that simply do not meet the design intent. It also guarantees the Owner will get the design we created specifically for this project.
  • We believe that there is value in being free to specify the products that are right for each project and that it is essential our distribution partner recognizes the specification must be held and not substituted.
  • We believe that there is value in working with our distribution partner (MWL) on the Owner’s behalf, to identify cost-saving alternatives whenever possible and frequently aid in identifying better procurement strategies or fixture alternatives with the various lighting manufacturers.

Bandit Lites was founded in 1968 by Michael Strickland. Over the 55+ years since, Bandit has grown into the preeminent touring lighting company for live performance. Bandit’s permanent installation side has worked with Visual Terrain for over 14 years, providing procurement and integration services on multiple projects. In our unique partnership with Bandit, sometimes Visual Terrain is the client, sometimes Bandit is the client, and sometimes we work side-by-side on a project. The advantages of working with Visual Terrain and Bandit Lites are:

  • Our companies are integrated
  • The process is integrated
  • The system is integrated
  • We act as a single liaison who supports your project from design through opening day
  • We work together to do the heavy lifting

Each company has deep roots in Architectural and Entertainment lighting. Our teamwork is based on 80 years of combined experience and 12+ years of working together. We are manufacturer agnostic, and not beholden to anyone’s “line.” We deliver the lighting you envisioned and then some!

Distributor Alliance

Founded in 1963, Mid-West Wholesale Lighting (MWL) has become one of the largest single location Wholesale Lighting Distributors in the United States. Located in Hollywood, CA, and operating under the premise that if you don’t have it you can’t sell it, its warehouse is brimming with over a million dollars in lighting inventory, including, lamps, fixtures, and controls.

Mid-West has active customers in all 50 states and Canada. Its objectives are to provide their customers with knowledge, service, and competitive pricing. Its sales force and customer service advocates have over 400 cumulative years of experience in the lighting industry.

Procurement Services: If the Owner chooses to use Mid-West Wholesale Lighting for lighting procurement efforts, MWL will request quotes for all fixtures and equipment within our scope of work and any products specified by the design team, place orders, manage the entire procurement process and arrange for the shipping and receiving of the equipment to the site. Additionally, MWL will work with the project’s construction team to verify mounting conditions and resolve any issues as they arise.

NOTE: These services are paid directly to our distributor partner Mid-West Wholesale Lighting Corporation.

For more on Bandit Lites, Mid-West and our other strategic alliances, click here